We are AIESEC-

We are 100.000 members worldwide. We are at 2400 Universities and we are present in 127 countries. And we are your local committee of AIESEC in Mannheim.

We do what we do because we strive to make the world of tomorrow a better place.

And we don’t just say that because it sounds nice but because we actually do believe in our vision.

So what do we actually do then? We want to send young people abroad to do a volunteering program of six to eight weeks, mostly in developing countries to do small projects. Each of our projects is linked to at least one of the sustainable development goals by the United Nations. For example you can go to Brazil and teach people about climate change and what we can do to slow down that process to support goal #13 “Climate Action”; or you could go to Indonesia and teach children English to support goal #4 “Quality Education”.

You also have the chance to do a professional internship for example in Brazil, India, Peru or Serbia and at different companies like Apple, Tata Consultancy and many more in the fields of marketing, business IT, engineering and teaching (six to twelve months) or do one in an upcoming start-up (about three months).

You want to go abroad yourself? Perfect! Approach us or come to one of our info events that will take place during the whole semester or sign up right away on: aiesec.de/anmeldung

You are interested? Great! We are a multicultural team here in Mannheim and welcome people from every background and every field of study. Come and join AIESEC as a member and support us to fulfill our vision on a local level and have an impact right here and right now. For that you can simply approach us, come to our info events in the beginning of the new semester or our weekly meetings or also sign up now : aiesec.de/anmeldung

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