Our office will be closed during the Easter holidays from 26th March to 8th April.

On the 9th of April we are back for you! For urgent concerns, please send an email to studiumgenerale@service.uni-mannheim.de





+++The following language courses start after Easter+++



200116 Business English from 14. April

200121 Engl. for Business: How to communicate effectively from 25. April



200228 Französisch I from 11. April



200456 Spanisch I from 10. April

200461 Spanisch I from 14. April

200462 Spanisch II from 11. April

200464 Spanisch II from 16. April

200473 Spanisch III from 17. April

200481 Spanisch IV from 18. April

200483 Spanisch V from 12. April

200477 Span. Auffrischung I from 4. Mai

200488 Span. Auffrischung II from 5. Mai



2008109 Chinesisch I from 14. April


German as a foreign language

2030150 German for absolute beginners from 21. April

2030152 +2030153 German for beginners with level (A1,1+) from 17. April +18. April

2030154 German in level A1,2 from 21. April


New courses for the next semester

Welcome to Studium Generale!


Studium Generale of the University of Mannheim is your partner for communication, further education, and culture!

If this is the first time that you wish to sign up for a course at Studium Generale, you have to register first at:


You will then receive an e-mail with an activation code. You can register at any time.

You may consult the following video tutorial, if you have any problems concerning the registration:


If your knowledge of German is not very good (under B2 level), then you can only sign up for the following courses:

-200112, 200113 Englisch Konversation / Diskussionstraining

-200115, 200116 Business English

-200119, 200120, 200121 Business English+Conversation II

-200122 Business English and Written Communication (C1)

-200490, 200491 Spansich Konversation II

-2010122 Portugiesisch Konversation

-2008116 Chinesisch Konversation III

-200493 Cine español y latino americano


Signing up for any other courses is not recommendable, as a German level of at least B2 is prerequisite to be able to follow the course. In particular the beginners’ courses are held in German – that is, the instructor generally explains the vocabulary and grammar in German.