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Studium Generale of the University of Mannheim is your partner for communication, further education, and culture!

The new Studium Generale program for the autumn semester comes out on August 8th.

Online registration begins on August 28th at 12 o’clock noon.


If this is the first time that you wish to sign up for a course at Studium Generale, you have to register first at:


You will then receive an e-mail with an activation code. You can register at any time.


If your knowledge of German is not very good (under B2 level), then you can only sign up for the following courses:

  • 200112, 200113 Englisch Konversation / Diskussionstraining
  • 200115 Business English
  • 200119/200120 Business English+Conversation II
  • 200121/200122 Financial Business English + Conversation II
  • 200244 Wirtschaftsfranzösisch
  • 200496/200497 Spanisch Konversation II
  • 2010129 Portug. Konversation
  • 2008122 Chin. Konversation

Signing up for any other courses is not recommendable, as a German level of at least B2 is prerequisite to be able to follow the course. In particular the beginners’ courses are held in German – that is, the instructor generally explains the vocabulary and grammar in German.


Terms of payment:


For any concerns send us an email to:


Please note:

The German courses offered by Studium Generale are free for students who study at the University of Mannheim. Please note that they are only free of cost as long as you attend the course at least for 20 units (one unit equates 45 minutes; the whole course is composed of 24 units). In case of sickness, a medical certificate must be presented to the lecturer.