Translation service for students

The Department "Studium Generale" now offers a translation service for students lead by Ms. Céline Maser.

You can have documents translated such as language certificates, curricula vitae, confirmations of internship etc…

Ms. Céline Maser is a graduate translator for German, French, Turkish and English and works additionally as a freelance translator. She completed her studies in 2006 at the Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz / Germersheim.  Since 2012, she is registered as a sworn translator for German, French and Turkish by the Higher Regional Court of Zweibrücken.


Prices for Translations

The price for a professional translation is generally defined by the type and the length of the text, as well as the field of expertise. Therefore, the prices mentioned here serve only as an orientation and are subject to change after viewing the original document.

 Indicative prices for certified translation

  • Certificates and documents: starting from 25,00 Euros
  • Transcripts of Records: starting from  45,00 Euros
  • Curricula Vitae: starting from  50,00 Euros
  • Certifications, confirmations: starting from 45,00 Euros
  • Contracts, brochures etc…: please ask for an offer

Other languages upon request!


How do we work?

For a free and non-binding quote please send us the documents that are to be translated via e-mail, fax or per post to the "Studium Generale" office.

Please mention the target language, the delivery deadline and the delivery format of the translation. We will reply as soon as possible! The translation(s) will be delivered to you either via e-mail or per post. Notarized documents can only be delivered in a hard-copy format. The customer shall bear any postage costs.


Payment Terms

After placing the order you will receive an e-mail with an invoice which is due within a period of 10 days after the date of the invoice.


Contact Details

Translation Service for Students Contact person: Céline Maser

Tel.: 0621 - 181 - 1164 / 1162
Fax: 0621 - 181 – 1140