Course fees

Our course fees are divided into two categories: reduced course fees, and course fees for external participants. The following participants will be charged reduced course fees:

  • students of all colleges and universities in Germany
  • students at schools
  • vocational trainees
  • staff members of the University of Mannheim
  • staff members of the Studentenwerk of the University of Mannheim
  • au pair
  • members of ABSOLVENTUM

Participants who do not belong to any of the above categories pay the fees for external participants. Please note: Possible exceptions are pointed out directly in the respective course descriptions.




For students of DHBW Mannheim and Hochschule Ludwigshafen are other methods of payment apply. These can be found on the pages of your university.



Terms of payment

You have the following options to pay your course fees:

  • Direct debit authorization: For this purpose, you can give your authorization together with your bank details when signing up online. When you have issued us your authorization, we are authorized to collect the course fee(s) immediately.
  • Bank transfer: Should you prefer not to pay via direct debit authorization, you can transfer the fee(s) for the course(s) you have signed up for within 7 business days after signing up to the following account:

Empfänger (payee):  Studium Generale, Universität Mannheim Service  und Marketing GmbH

Bank: Baden-Württembergische Bank AG

IBAN: DE49 600 501 01 000 8622765

BIC/Swift-Address:  SOLADEST600

Verwendungszweck (reference): the course number and the name of the person signing up for the course (IMPORTANT!)

  • TeleCash: It is possible to conveniently pay by TeleCash in the office of Studium Generale at L9, 7 in room 110 (during the regular opening hours). We accept EC-Cash as well as credit cards by Visa, American Express, and Eurocard/Master Charge.
  • Cash payment: Payment can also be effected in cash in the office of Studium Generale during the regular opening hours.

An invoice or a receipt will be provided on request only!



For DHBW Mannheim students the following applies:

Each participant is required to participate in at least 18 courses with 24 units per week and at least 16 units for courses with 20 units. One unit is 45 minutes, usually 2 units per appointment

For courses with less than 24 units (for example 1 day courses, weekend courses or courses with 3-4 dates), you are obligated to participate in the course. Exceptions are sick leave due to medical certificate or medical certificate. Otherwise, the cost of the course itself must be borne

Students, who end their studies at DHBW at the end of September, can no longer register for Studium Generale courses of the autumn / winter semester of the University of Mannheim. This also applies if you are still in the sixth semester at the time of registration.

For students of Hochschule Ludwigshafen:
For language courses:
If more than 3 times are missing (6 UE) without sign-off (in the specified time period) the complete course fee of 62 € must be taken over by the participant.

For IT- and communication courses:

No missing days, otherwise the complete fee (see price list in the course descriptions of the Studium Generale Mannheim) must be taken over by the participant.


For students of the University of Mannheim (only German courses):

The German courses offered by Studium Generale are free for students who study at the University of Mannheim. Please note that they are only free of cost as long as you attend the course at least for 20 units (one unit equates 45 minutes; the whole course is composed of 24 units). In case of sickness, a medical certificate must be presented to the lecturer.

If more than 2 times are missing (4UE), a 1 UE = 45 minutes, without cancellation (in the given period) the complete course fee of 62 € must be taken over by the participant


Changing Courses

In principle, your registration for a course is binding.

Changing to another course is possible only with the provision that a “course-change slip” filled out by the instructor is presented to us, and that there is a free place in the new course.

Cancelling your registration after the cancellation deadline

  • Cancelling your registration after the stipulated 6 days’ cancellation deadline (to the exact hour of the beginning of the course) is only possible after an arrangement to this end either in person in our office or via e-mail, however only if an applicant from the waiting list or someone else provided by you can take your place. Should this not be the case, the course fee has to be paid regardless.
  • Not showing up for a course is not tantamount to a formal cancellation. If the participant fails to show up for a course, the course fee is nonetheless due, or – if it has already been paid – will not be reimbursed.
  • If the course as such is cancelled, or if the participant cancels for urgent reasons (e.g. illness, confirmed by a doctor’s certificate), the course fee will be reimbursed.
  • If not enough people sign up for a course, the course is generally cancelled, as each course has to be self-financing.


A certificate will be issued at the end of each course.

At the end of each language course, either an achievement test will take place, a presentation has to be given, or a home assignment has to be handed in. A graded certificate will be issued if this concluding test/assignment has been passed successfully. Otherwise, the regular participation in the course (i.e. the participant must not have been absent for more than 4 teaching units – which corresponds to 2 sessions in most courses) will be certified with an ungraded certificate (certificate of attendance). One teaching unit equals 45 minutes.

For weekend courses, attendance throughout the whole course is obligatory in order to receive a certificate of attendance.

Certificates are kept in the office of Studium Generale for 4 semesters, during which time they can be picked up.

These certificates do not qualify as evidence of academic achievement as laid down in the study and examination regulations for regular university courses!!!